Colviveros: Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers
Colviveros: Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers
The Colombian Nursery Trade Association

Colviveros - Assistance and Promotional Services

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Colviveros, promotes the development of the Nursery industry, the competitive production of Ornamental Foliage and Potted Plants, and the commercial sustainability of both. To achieve this, Colviveros fosters defensive measures in its representation of national Nurseries and their Small Ornamental-Foliage and Potted-Plant Production, as well as how they manage local, district, national and international resources in pursuit of the over-arching Colviveros' mission.

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Colviveros offers the following lines of Service to all its affiliates:

  • 1. Training and Technical Assistance
  • 2. Communal Supply acquisition
  • 3. Acccess to credit
  • 4. National marketing campaigns
  • 5. New-market opportunities research
  • 6. International promotion strategies
  • 7. Resources for international development cooperation

Colviveros provides industry-focused services for nurseries and small ornamental-foliage and potted-plant growers. Colviveros aims to streamline production processes, strengthen the quality of products, and to improve production costs in order to develop a product strategy that increases live plants' presence in the global marketplace.

"Colviveros: An Inclusive Trade Association that embraces Participation, Support and Growth" - Nurseries and Small Ornamental-Foliage and Potted-Plant Growers of Colombia -